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Each traveller has his own needs. What may be perfect for one client may not be ideal for another. Private Safaris are designed for persons who want to travel with people they know (family and friends). They are Taylor-made and they are most of the time organized with a minimum of 2 participants.

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Highlights & Advantages: 

  • On safari, you will be accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable driver-guide. He will be tremendously proud to look after you and to accommodate your safari at all times. 
  • Private Safaris can be designed with different types of accommodation like camping, lodge or fixed tented camps. 
  • They will also include your preferred activities such as birding, gorilla and chimp viewing, etc .
  • The cost will depend on the number of participants. Private safaris made for only 2 participants are generally more expensive than with larger parties. The standing and the type of accommodation will also influence the  price of your safari. 
  • Some private safaris are also scheduled in order to guarantee certain activities that are on high demand like gorilla and chimp tracking.

Private Safaris or tailor-made safaris exist in different ways and styles and are designed to fit your needs and interests. There is an unlimited number of different safaris on the African market. Each country has its particularities and specialities. The private safaris listed on our web-site are examples that can be customized for you!   

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