Lodge Safaris - Lodges and other fixed accommodation
Our lodge safaris offer you a luxury safari style.  A combination of simple luxuries and the alluring wilderness! First Class accommodations, excellent food and breathtaking views are all part of your safari experience. They will provide you with great comfort, facilities and experience. Our Lodge safaris will provide you excellent value for money. 
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Safaris featuring this travelstyle

  • A safari lodge is usually - unlike a safari tented camp - a permanent structure of stone, bricks, wood and topped with appealing thatch grass. The location in natural surroundings is part of the safari pleasure and most lodges will provide extra facilities such as swimming pools or even have some safari attractions (game drives). In general food and beverage services are provided for all meals and rooms will have their private bathroom.

  • A luxury permanent tented camp combines the comfort of a lodge with the sensation of camping in the wild. Each permanent tent has two beds with mosquito net and is self-contained. Similar in price to a safari lodge, tented camps have generally an attached private bathroom and viewing deck. The more luxurious tented camps have a swimming pool alongside the main lodge, where guests gather for sun downers and meals.

  • A guest house is establishment providing accommodation to the travelling public (transient guests). It concerns most of the time modest accommodation with restricted services. A Guest house has at least a communal eating area and a reception. It can be a non-profit organization.

Uganda and Rwanda don't have yet the same choice of accommodation that you will find in other East-African countries. Tourism is at the beginning stage and efforts are made to improve the standards of service. Both countries are catching up.

Official benchmark ratings are inexistant. It's for this reason that for our itineraries we have carefully selected the best lodges and fixed tented camps! Our choice is based on our experience. We have all seen them and most of the time experienced our selves the accommodation that we propose! It has to be said that in some locations there are no lodges or tented camps available yet so that we are obliged to rely on guest houses which are modest accommodation. For example Nyungwe Forest NP and Kibuye (Rwanda). 

On website we have availed the following information: 

  • In our daily program (see itinerary) you will find a selection of hotels, lodges and tented camps.
  • Each accommodation will have a short description and some pictures (when available) of the proposed accommodation.   
  • Based on our experience and feed back from our clients we have made our own ratings that we will indicate in our short description:

    1 Star (*): Fair to good (acceptable & modest) accommodation.
    2 Star (**): Good quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
    3 Star (***): Very Good quality in the overall standard of finishing, service and guest care.
    4 Star (****): Superior (excellent) comfort and quality with high standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
    5 Star (*****): Exceptional quality and luxurious accommodation (matching best international standards). 

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