Beach Holidays - Zanzibar!

East Africa is blessed with the best beaches on the Indian Ocean and Zanzibar must be on your list if you want a vacation that offers excellent relaxation, a wonderful climat, good food and the possibility of mixing all this with some historical visits, nature walks and the discovery of azure blue waters. You can visit Zanzibar after your safari in Uganda or Rwanda and stay a few days just to relax before going home.

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But you can of course go straight away to Zanzibar and choose one of our proposed tours and stay in the accommodation you prefer.

Each coast on this wonderful Island has its own specialities: snorkeling, diving, history, nature ....  There is a huge range of accommodation fitting different budgets! 

  • Most Resorts combine their lodging with food, drinks, sports, entertainment and shopping. You can find resorts with an all inclusive formula.
  • The Boutique Hotels are much smaller, stylish and usually luxurious. They provide a more personalised level of service.
  • Beach Hotels are Guest Houses often designed with bungalows including bathroom and toilet. Often with veranda and open sea view. The good ones have even a swimming pool!
  • Bandas (Swahili word for “hut”) are built on the sand out of palmleaves. They are always cool and fresh because the wind passes through. 

We have visited most of the selected accommodation and in the Zanzibar section we have availed the following information:

  • Each accommodation will have a short description and a photo gallery with some pictures of the proposed accommodation.   
  • Based on our experience and feed back from clients we have made our own ratings that we will indicate in our short description:

    1 Star (*): Fair to good (acceptable & modest) accommodation.
    2 stars (**): Good quality in the overall standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
    3 stars (***): Very Good quality in the overall standard of finishing, service and guest care.
    4 stars (****): Superior (excellent) comfort and quality with high standard of furnishings, service and guest care.
    5 stars (*****): Exceptional quality and luxurious accommodation (matching best international standards). 

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