Guided Nature Walks & Hikes.
Discovery on foot!

Guided nature walks are unique to only a few countries in Africa, providing one of the most fascinating opportunities to experience its wonderful wilderness and wildlife. Guided Nature walks are also the only way to explore forests in company of knowledgeable and well trained guides. These walks are most of the time conducted in the National Parks or Wildlife Reserves by professional guides or rangers (some armed, some not).

They follow trails in areas where there are no predators. The guides are well trained and very knowledgeable about the different aspects of wildlife. They provide a running commentary on the general aspects of the local wildlife, as well as specifics such as gorilla and chimpanzee trekking or bird watching.

Some guided nature walks are organized by local communities in some eco-tourist sites. They provide well trained local people as well. It's an opportunity to exchange some interesting views and to support them. It's one of the ways they can share from the benefits of tourism.

The Guided nature walks are integrated in the Magic Safari Program. For more information on the sites: